Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 3 LN3 | Surfing at Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud

Our fuel partner, Petron!
My creative shot for the Petron photo contest during the trip

One of the very scenic stop overs

We had a stop over at the side of the long and windy bridge beside the shore a few miles before the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon

Pool from Kapuluan Vista Resort

The view from the Kapuluan Vista Resort
A mind blowing landscape of Blue Lagoon
Carlo, Ivan Henares, Me
Ohhh yeah! who got to stand on the board on his first try?! ME!
This is just a screenshot from the video of us surfing
Crispy Dinuguan dinner at Johnny Moon Café
Finished the day with videoke and Pinakbet Pizza at Saramsam restaurant

LN3 Video Part 1: Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Cagayan & Kalinga

Here is a video of our first 2 days on Lakbay Norte 3 edited by Carlo Cruz. Clips from the cave and the white water rafting can be seen here plus interviews on the experience! I am one of the interviewees!

Day 2 LN3 | White Water Rafting at Chico River

On our second day, we we're advised not to bring our cameras because of the risk of either getting wet or getting lost. I did not take the risk cause it was just our second day. So these pictures were taken by other Photographers.

Thank you to Christian Sangoyo of Lakad Pilipinas! for the picture! 
Some of us eventually moved on top of the jeepney along the winding roads of Tabuk enjoying the cold wind and the scenic horizons on the way to our white water rafting experience.

 We were  divided into 3 groups before going on the river. I chose to be in the group who were willing to fall in the river. Our guide told us we were going to ride the smallest raft because it allowed us to feel the rapids more and gave us a bigger chance of falling down to the freezing water! 

After the wild rapids, there was an area in the river where we can jump off the rafts and experience how it feels to be dragged by the rapids. It felt really good except when we went through rapids that hit our butt, back, or thighs. In my case, i hit my left thigh pretty hard on a rock. Do not underestimate the power of nature. haha!

I got these pictures from Ivan Henares of Ivan About Town!

Our rides waiting for us at the end of the Chico river.

After going back to the hotel,  some of us went to shoot the magnificent sunset together with the Bunton Bridge.

a fisherman having a late catch in the Cagayan River

Day 1 LN3 | Caving at Norzagaray and Fishing at Pantabangan Dam

We were welcomed by a youth band playing Fireworks by Katy Perry!

Inside the Pinagrealan Cave! Traversed across almost waist level cold water!

Delicious lunch at Microtel Cabanatuan, Liquid Restaurant

Strong wind at the Pantabangan Dam

Sunset while riding the boats

Very beautiful sunset at the Pantabangan Dam before we left
A boy sitting comfortably on a pole while watching us

Lakbay Norte 3

This is so far the best thing that happened in my life this 2012. My friend Carlo Cruz called me one afternoon and simply asked me if I was free next week for a trip. I didn't know what to expect from this trip until i saw the most awesome itinerary. Lakbay Norte 3, a project organized by NPVB (North Philippines Visitors Bureau) is an 8 day familiarization tour around North Luzon. Carlo asked me if I wanted to shoot for the trip. I immediately said YES with no hesitations! 

Inclusive of the trip is the transportation that brought us around North Luzon and back to Manila sponsored by Victory Liner. Our lodging, food, and activities found in the itinerary are all included. In other words, IT IS ALL FREE! My next posts will start from day 1 up until day 8 focusing on the best activities we did that day. What a way to start 2012!

Our second home for 8 days! The Victory Liner Lakbay Norte 3 Bus. I was standing on the road of NLEX in this shoot! One of the simple yet awesome experience during the trip!
One of my shots from NLEX

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Beginning

I am Ivan, an athlete, a traveler and a photographer. I recently joined a trip called Lakbay Norte 3, where I met these bunch of really cool travel bloggers and photographers. They are my inspiration for starting this blog. Every notable moment in my life worth sharing shall be posted here to hopefully inspire people and simply appreciate the world. Enjoy! Cheers!